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The Method of Embedding Ground Inductance Coil in Block of Harbin Road Gate


he standard configuration of lane gates used in residential areas or factories is remote control, that is to say, two remote control handles are allocated to the factory. When a vehicle needs to enter or leave, the manager lifts or drops the lane gates through the remote control or external control.


This is of course a simple and practical way of management, but in order to make the channel management easier and more convenient, manufacturers have developed more and more intelligent, convenient and safe management methods.



For example, geomagnetic induction, Bluetooth, license plate recognition, etc.


The Method of Embedding Ground Inductance Coil in Block of Harbin Road Gate


In order to make the vehicle detector work in the optimum condition, the installation of the ground inductance coil is very important. Now let's understand the installation of the ground inductance coil. In order to make the detector work in the optimum condition, the inductance of the coil should be kept between 100uH and 300uH.




When the inductance of the coil is constant, the number of turns of the coil has an important relationship with the circumference.


The smaller the circumference, the more turns.


Because there may be various kinds of metal materials buried under the road, such as cable pipelines, reinforcing bars, sewer covers and so on, which will have a great impact on the actual inductance value of the coil, users should use inductance tester to test the inductance value of the inductance coil to determine the actual number of turns in the construction, as long as the final inductance value of the coil is within a reasonable working range (such as 100). Between uH and 300uH.


When winding the coil, it is necessary to leave enough length of wire to connect to the loop inductor and ensure that there is no joint in the middle. After winding the coil cable, the lead-out cable must be made into a tight twisted pair, requiring at least one meter to be twisted 20 times.


Otherwise, the output leads without twisted pairs will be introduced to dry up, which will make the inductance value of the coil unstable.



The length of output lead should not exceed 5 meters in general.


Because the sensitivity of detection coil decreases with the increase of lead length, the length of lead cable should be as short as possible.


Coil embedding should first use road cutter to cut grooves on the road surface.


Carry out 45 degree chamfering on the four corners to prevent the sharp corners from damaging the coil cable.


Slot width is generally 4 to 8 mm and depth is 30 to 50 mm. At the same time, cut a slot to the roadside for the coil lead.


However, it should be noted that the groove must be clean, anhydrous or other liquid infiltration.


When winding the coil, the coil must be straightened, but not too tight and close to the bottom of the groove. After winding the coil, the output lead of the twisted pair is drawn through the lead slot.


In the winding process of coil, the inductance value of inductance coil should be measured by inductance tester, and the inductance value of coil should be between 100uH and 300uH.


Otherwise, the turn number of the coil should be adjusted.


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